Two Houses Unifies Into One With Green Design

November 7, 2015 | Architecture


The two similar but independent blocks are connected by a huge central courtyard. Each house has a different way of responding to surrounding environment. FARM architects have a very attractive strategy for the design of the Wall House. Standing on an area of 1,116 square meters is built into two separate sides.


Selection of home design by dividing it into two parts is response of the land size that became one needs. Two sides of the building serves for two generations.  One construction with one floor and other constructions with two storey floor.


Double house design in Singapore was completed in the wake of 2013 inspired by the classical Chinese garden design philosophy. In other words, the amount of room and the garden is equally as balanced or proportionate. Thus, the room has a close connection to enjoy the natural beauty.


Two similiar rooms but is associated with a large central courtyard space. The room a structure contains entertainment room, bedroom, bathroom, balcony and a gym.


The big volume contains the living room,bathroom,bedroom,a small study room and balcony.  The living room and dining room are connected to a floor with granite patio. Where neat willow trees planted. The plants are connected into a design from the ground to roof.
The bottom floor is a social space consists of living room, dining room and library. In addition,this room contains a warehouse and some guest rooms.


Large sliding glass doors connect the living room and the courtyard outdoors also the beautiful scenery can be enjoyed with ease. An elegant but casual decor explain this space in which a elegant  sofas and Digamma armchair, his simple but quirky form supplemented adding flair to the space. Similarly, the ST04 Backenzahn are a lovely addition to the living areas.


The kitchen is part of the open floor plan design and created in along one of the partition directly behind the living area. A long bench and wide become a dining table. A set of Harp garden armchairs installed on either side of the counter. The wall section has a warm wood design with a white backsplash surface.


There are another separate dining room, beautiful equipped with view on two sides. It has a table and it is complemented by the same casual garden chairs in the kitchen.


There’s a second living areas in upper floors that is not too extensive. And this one uses colors that are not different from other space, allowing the wooden floor and ceiling to present wrapped in a warm atmosphere. The air wooden fan on the ceiling and a Cesta bench lamp with a cherry wooden frame and soft world take a seat on a real accent table.


This observation is very bright and real, presents a light and simple palette based was on whites and wooden accents. In addition to the exquisite broad courtyard that linking the two areas, two structures have green roofs which further strengthen their connection with the surrounding environment. This is truly the design of a homes that loves natural surroundings. The green roof, is not only eye-catching element. The upper floor areas are connected by a green field with a water feature.


The scenery is also designed in lining, similar to the houses. This method, it affect and  the interior design areas in different ways according to type of space, it’s location and function. However there is areas completely separated from the design exterior and the landscape.


This also applies to the bathrooms which was a very quiet spaces. They use relaxing color palettes, beautiful combinations of materials and they all include green accents. An white oval bathtub freestanding constitute the most beautiful elements in this bathroom, which becomes the focal point here. With wooden floors make feel warm this space.


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