The Shokan Home Reflective Glass Home Becomes One With Nature

January 17, 2016 | Architecture, Home Design

The Shokan Home is located in New York, in a gorgeous remote terrains surrounded by vegetation plus wildlife. It was completed n 2015 plus  the designer in charge was Jay Bargmann of Rafael Vinoly Architects . The practice focuses on getting architectural ideas that are powerful , exclusive plus  specific to their context , being guided by the idea that architecture constitutes a dialogue with the forces of life .



Situated at the edge of the Ashokan reservoir , the home is surrounded by larke oak , fir plus  birch trees, the forest also supplying shelter to hawks , foxes plus  bears . The gentle sloping site enables the residence to offered panoramic views beyond the reservoir plus of the mountains  inside distance .



The home actiones a complete of 6000 square feet and, being such large, a challenge surfaced. The designer had to find a means to not overpower the natural beauty surrounding the home. The chosen method was a nontraditional near plus  the selection for an industrial construct .


The most fundamental detail while enables the home to fusion in is the fact that the reflective glass enclosure is bolted to the foundation plus  wraps approach the entire residence . This is made of T parts which double as the frame for the glass walls .


So that the reflection glass lets the exterior of the home fusion into the landscape harmoniously. But what approximately the interior design? The industrial style chosen for this plan suits the home beautifully , offering those character plus charm .


Steel, glass, concrete , ceramic & wood reach similar in a harmonious compositionin the the home. They exist already left unfinished in order to expose their true nature plus  to offered hints related to the house’s history plus  uniqueness .


The residence has two entrances , one to the east plus one to the west . The entrance doors are integrated into the concrete foundation plus lead into the ground basic which contains some space include the vestibule , the garage plus a bedroom.


From the vestibule one could towards the living room , a steel-framed room with landscape across the treetops , get the image of the distant mountains plus the forest. There are two fireplaces , one  inside vestibule plus one the fireplace again inside living room , all has the task of creating a warm atmosphere.


The garage is a large concrete texture with vast doors plus no pillar assist . When the doors open the garage resembles a bridge , being nearly all exposed to the environment .


Concrete also plays an fundamental role  inside interior construct of the social areas . In blend with the corrugated steel ceilings plus the stainless steel surfaces , those confirm the industrial faced of the decorating .


The top basic houses the dining room kitchen, two bedrooms plus the library. The living room is a double height room which could be accessed from the vestibule . The staircase which unite the spaces has a strong industrial appearance , become a sustainable perforated tread with stainless steel strain cables become the balustrade .


The two storeys of windows  inside living space capture panorama views of the environment , across the reservoir .


The kitchen, the library plus the bedrooms are organized in separate volumes. The dining terrains features a large bench custom made with a steel top . Those could sit up to 14 people plus is the center of concern in this room .



Behind the library is one of the bedrooms which is very closer to being a multipurpose room . Those has a Murphy bed plus , with a easy plus supple construct .


The master bedroom is put at the rear of the building for enhanced privacy . Connected to this space is a concrete veranda furnished with a large desks plus bench chairs .


Below the master bedroom is the guest space , beautifully decorated using impartial elements plus offering a pleasant  welcoming ambiance . The space has just one small window.


Although the interior construct as a whole perhaps not visible highly complex in nature, everything is in there for a reason . The concern to detail features meticulously put furniture plus accessories designed to total the rooms, so as the Eames Relaxed Seat which is an unmistakably elegant piece , creating the perfect reading corner  .


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