The Khayangan, Luxury Private Villa in Bali.

December 12, 2015 | Architecture, Design Ideas, Home Design


Bali is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. This beautiful Indonesian Island impresses with its tropical natural beauty and very unique culture. Many wish to visit it and those always remembering the beautiful natural charm. Be one of people to plan your next vacation in the Island of Bali.  Bali island would become a splendid choice in your holiday with family. While you’re there you can spend the days in the private villa with beautiful natural scenery.


This luxury private villa is fully equipped with all the facilities you need at any time. Such as a bed, bathroom, living room, swimming pool, gazebo to enjoy the beauty of the sea and many more. Its design is opulent and modern and the atmosphere is relaxing can you feel when you are in this villa. Most of these buildings using wood in construction. This is the perfect result you get for a vacation far away from home.


The villa is uniquely designed. It is made up of ten antique wooden houses from Java. These were once the homes of noble men. They have now been adapted to suit the modern world. These grand old houses will take you back through history to a time of finery. The beautiful original features, such as the hand carved panels and beams, have been kept. You will also find old wood floors. Wall panels have been replaced with glass, giving the rooms a modern touch. This also allows more natural light to enter.


All of the suites have clear sea views. Each bed is set within a nest of wooden pillars and nets. The beds are topped with richly carved wooden tiers. The bedrooms have king sized beds and best quality cotton bed linen. This is off set by the best comforts that the 21st century has to offer. A final touch is the clever use of silk pillows and bed covers, adding yet more luxury to the sleeping areas. Two of the suites have the most romantic bathrooms that you can imagine. A covered bath tub floats in the middle of a clear pond, beside a waterfall and a lush garden.


The villa is surrounded by beautiful nature which you can admire and enjoy as well as explore. Admire the views and enjoy every moment as they are all unique. The outdoor pool has relaxing lounge areas around it and a very beautiful garden on its side.


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