Sky Garden House, Green House In Singapore

October 15, 2015 | Architecture

This modern-style house is very beautiful and amazing, located on Sentosa Island, Singapore. The house is the result of design by professionals from Guz Architects in the wake of several years. The house overlooks a contemporary and environmentally friendly. The work is nicknamed The Sky Garden House as the name suggests green house looks beautiful and awesome.

Beautiful modern house and environmentally friendly.
The indoor and outdoor design feels very natural that blend with the surrounding environment.This collaboration with the characteristics that make a garden on top sky garden house is different from other modern home.
This modern house designed very carefully. Start the ground floor, second floor, third floor and roof are all in the amount of green filled with plants that make this house look elegant and environmentally friendly.

This green houses are suitable for tropical and sub tropical climates. Dominated by open green spaces can be used as a children’s playground and sports area. The most prominent of these house is the grass roof.


In harmony with the exterior design, the interior design is also so beautiful and no less modern, elegant and classy. The interior sky garden house is also featuring natural elements. The wood elements dominate the interior of this house.Clearly visible where the wood element is applied to the walls, stairs, pillars, and deck.  With so this house presents a comfortable atmosphere for the residents.


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