Modular One, a Modern House in Washington, DC

November 21, 2015 | Architecture, Home Design


A successful architecture developer with a history of build modular houses stand a lot in a be expected surroundings near Washington, DC with the hopefulness of building a spec house. At the moment a potential buyer explain many interest, the developer recommend a modular home as a solution to a tight budget and time constraints. But, the designer and colonial style modular homes typically built by the builder did not appeal to the potential client, who desired a light-filled modern home.


The house is designed to both fulfill the expectation of the clients and to provide the developer with a “modern house” typology that fills a void on their menu of modular houses. The connection to similar size custom houses in the expensive Washington, DC real estate market, this house is designed to be flexible, efficient and affordable.


bm Modular One is composed of thirteen modules and built in 2 weeks in a plant in southern Virginia. And further shipped to the site on flat-beds and assembled in a period of 2 days. Energy saving shells arrived to the site with windows, plumbing, electrical and HVAC ducting in place. The interiors were dry-walled and primed, ready for finishes. The foundation and basemen were constructed with polished concrete floors on-site, while the modules were being fabricated off-site. High energy efficient goals are further enhanced as a result of a geothermal HVAC system, and tight super-insulated, exterior floor, wall and roof systems.


The house employs repeatable parts that can be combined into custom configurations. This is exemplified by the fact that the modules are arranged to meet restrictive zoning requirements on an irregularly shaped lot. The modules are delivered primed, yielding a blank canvas, and allow for the extent and level of finishes to remain flexible. In this case, finishes include maple flooring, walnut millwork, aluminum stairs and other materials specific to this client’s preferences. The house brings together durable corrugated metal siding with stucco and Spanish cedar. The massing provides opportunities to combine several exterior materials so that the house can be adapted for different environments.


The first of an undetermined amount of future versions, this house can be modified to meet differing client’s needs and varying sites. Both modern and filled with light, the house employs all the intended benefits of modular building without compromising proportion, light, scale and texture.

Location : Washington,DC.
Interior and Lighting Designer: Therese Baron Gurney, ASID
Landscape Architect: Kevin Campion
General Contractor: Sandy Spring Builders
Other: Nationwide Homes




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