Modern Vineyard House Natural Combine Function And Serenity.

October 5, 2015 | Architecture

The 20-acre plot used Retrospect Vineyards be located in Windsor, California and make a pinot noir grapes for the nearby wineries.Starting in 2010, owners began to buy the property and decided to make a changes.They want to be involved in the wine-making process so they decided  build a home there.

The home was built by Swatt Miers Architects and with the intention of as a vacation home so it must be able to live with together. The designer integrate all the major concepts to them. They notice that the building collaboration, land and the natural surroundings, they designed it with open plans both vertically and horizontally and they made sure there’s continuation between the interior and exterior.

But there is also a feature that makes unique construction.This modern family to be at a working vineyard and the designer had to keep the two benefit  while giving the owners a sense of privacy.

The building is divided in to three parts: a main house,barn and a detached guest.Warehouse containing all the ingredients and equipment to the vineyard, and the structure has another one with each other continuously.

The main house has the warehouse on one side and of the vineyard on the other.The north side of the home features an court with a wooden board while the south type double-height glazing.Two separate driveways housing activity and there is also parking for trucks.

The configuration and the structure of the main homes are modern and simple.The living room are on the ground floor.The living room & dining room have a sliding glazing door that connect to the terrace and outdoor pool.

swimming-pool, california-vineyard-indoor-outdoor-house-design-beautiful-biultding
A fireplace wall became the main attraction for the casual lounge area which also have two red armchairs challenging the neutral palette.
The dining table and chairs are black.The hanging lamp shows sophistication in this area.Plus paintings wall abstraction that makes the atmosphere of the room became warmer.

In this house there is also a fairly large kitchen with white shades of gray.Plus a large sliding glass door so that the views of the vineyards can be seen from the kitchen.

Design similar office space with window length and minimalist table gives a view of the landscape of light into the room freely. Selection of colors and materials make the room feel comfortable.

A spacious bathroom with a palette of glass and the glass roof makes the sun to get into. A large bathtub with gray color makes us feel at home for not getting out of there.

Upscale bedroom with a full glass windows were great at making broad views of the area.Children’s room are separated by a bridge that leads to the living room.In addition to the main house and the barn, there is also a separate living room. Connected with an independent structure that is connected to the main structure through a low roof.


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