Modern Interior In The Living Room

October 6, 2015 | Living Room


The best features of modern interior is the room looked clean and fresh can be obtained from a variety of strategies. In the case of Good Residence by Crone Partners. This strategy includes the use of a simple color, dynamic contrast and well-defined shape.

A modern design does not require the use of striking colors and exaggerated, just use the basic colors like white and gray, will show the impression of simple yet elegant look. Making the interior of interest does not have to use any of many colors, a mix of two colors, without a lot of accents in it, will make the design look spacious and the atmosphere in which the occupants feel comfortable and fresh taste. With a series of glass around it, enabling the occupants to see the natural beauty of the area around the house.

To make the room feel spacious we can combine the couch gray, white , white floor ceramics and white ceiling without ornament or decoration.

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