Modern Home Design Collaboration With A Countryside House.

November 3, 2015 | Architecture


House on a beautiful hillside, located in Austria known as the House D Hohensinn Architektur. This house has an area of 2,626 square feet with two floors contoured sloping hill surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.
“D Home” design theme of this small-scale farms for the basic form that is more compact. In accordance with the conditions which are located in the hills to the garage, dressing room, warehouse, room and entrance from the street, all located on the ground floor on the side of the hill.


From the ground floor there is a staircase leading to the second floor which provides direct access to the living room and kitchen. While the living room with an L-shaped building that has two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a space untilities.


From a minimalist beauty that dominates there is the simplicity of an integrated solid furniture with a room configuration. The kitchen was developed by the artist Hans Rainer, which uses a ceramic hob with a black steel plate. With so both of these styles provide a comfortable character with a minimalist style.


To create a gradient reverse to the open area should be a little higher so naturally integrate into the landscape forming the edges are fused between the house and the neighborhood. All of this divided into different zones including a vegetable garden, seating under the cantilevered roof and the yard that all participate with a compact and diverse offering to use.


Pictures taken by Sebastian Schels explain countryside house from a different angle, so that we can see and assess how the architecture uses the contours of the sloping ground. This Austria home design so that it looks more elegant and inspiring.
Apply the design of this house many glass walls and wooden ceiling which makes the house seem more minimalist and beautiful. With the yard around the house are quite extensive with green grass can be made as a place of sports such as golf and open space for playing children.

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