Modern Grandma’s Home with Grandchild

October 4, 2015 | Architecture


The Cloister Home is a grandma’s home situated in Vancouver, Canada however it doesn’t look element like the standard sort you’d required to see, given the benefit.To start out out with, this could possibly be a trendy residence that Measured Architecture Inc special for a grandmother and her grandchildren.Furthermore, it’s not outdated, rustic or ancient although it’s feels as cozy as you’d required it to.

The home occupies a hilltop that was initially be inhabited by a bungalows in the 1940s. With reason of demolishing the bungalow,the architects decided to sustainably renovate in order to rescue, recycle and reuse as much as possible of the materials.

In consequence, over 90% of the construction materials were saved and used in the new project.The special designer in creating buildings that are fundamental to their surroundings and for that they have to get back to the basics.

This place consists of 2 structures. One is the main homes and the other is a guest house. The main homes measures 223 square meter and is a three floors structure. Its exterior is made of blackened steel and wood obvious concrete and this gives it a in fact cozy and attractive seem,visible as though a rustic house actually being one.

The guest homes is a 35 square meter structure placed behind the main building. Already included a one-car garage and a storeroom, plus the living room. The bedroom built the sloping position and in subterranean.

Given the many small size of this section, there’s a lot of  storage area and plenty of other room economical design technique created and adapted to the building interior.This design style, combining industrial details with natural features and a lot of delight section. The green roof gives it a beautiful touch.

Type of materials used for this project includes masonry, concrete walls,concrete floors and black steel, although it feels cold, the design and ambiance they create with various variety, being defined by textural warmth.

A metallic wall sculpture or ladder designed by local artist Fei Disbrow presents a beautiful backdrop for the garden. The garden presents beautiful scenery for the main home. Location also presents the beauty of the mountains and the sea, In addition, the main home also overlooks the green roof the guest house.

This beautiful home has loads of child-friendly elements, ranging from the boulder landscape that enhances and ending with the customized-made metallic slide for the child that was constructed alongside the interior staircase.


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