Majestic Residence Overlooking The Land And The Ocean.

December 5, 2015 | Architecture, Home Design

When choosing the site for the Mirador House, the main idea was to pick a location that would allow the customer to enjoy the all landscape around them, this including views of the land and the ocean. This residence be located beautiful area in Casablanca, Chile.


The building is very high in order to give all these amazing views and this enable it to be visible from far away. The architecture also have an important role in this project. This project is completed in 2015 and was developed by Gubbins Arquitectos, a company founded in 1996, being the result of an cooperation between two detached offices which is conducted by Victor and Pedro Gubbins.



This building stands on the site with an area of 135 square meters, the residence stands out result of extraordinary architecture. Two symmetrical cantilever areas with small room. Here, on the ground floor, a dressing room and a bathroom can be found easily. This location makes them particularly simple for those moment when adventure to the beach can make a beautiful day feel perfect.



The clients came here to seeking serenity and beautiful views so the house was designed in such a way to gives all these things.   At the center of the building is a double height space where natural light entry penetrates from above and through the full height windows. A black spiral staircase gives access from living areas to the roof terrace and defines the space, dividing it into two different areas.


On one side of areas is the living room seating area, composed of a black leather sofa, a set of simple wood round coffee table and additional armchairs with elegant designs which make the atmosphere warm. On the other side is the dining space, featuring a large glass top table positioned in front of the wide glass windows.



The central living area is connected to two covered terraces, one on each side. They each offer different views. One is overlooking the sea while the other looks over the countryside. They’re both symmetrically cantilevered over the ground floor volume.


The ground level has a separate entrance and access to the main floor is provided via a ramp that undulates to follow the shape of the site. It leads up to one of the terraces. From inside, the staircase links all the floors.


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