Kitchen Design and Modern-Elegant Dining Room

October 14, 2015 | Kitchens


Combine the kitchen and dining room in one area is the right step. In addition to saving space, it also aims to make it easier to mobilize during cooking, managing, serving and clean it up. Closely spaced, you easily and quickly to present the processed food from the kitchen to the table. Likewise when you clear the dishes from the kitchen to the dining table for the clean.

This method can make the room feel more spacious, but to make the kitchen into the room with the dining room is not as easy as you think.  If the layout and the design is not appropriate, then it will be barging into the beauty of the place itself. The merger between the kitchen to the dining room is functionally designed. Makes the room feel very friendly and give the impression that dramatic, as well as being an identity of a house.

This kitchen design includes a minimalist design. Created by the desire to have a kitchen that is elegant and cool with limited space.  It is very suitable you are for trying to have a kitchen like this if you do not have a room large enough to make the kitchen is not one place with dining room.

With the model and the atmosphere was like in a cafe, the aesthetics of the kitchen gives a calming impression when we were in this room, and made us feel at home for long linger here. For dining we use glass or ceramic-coated table. Tables were so extensive to mine can also be used as a kitchen table for dispensing cuisine.  With the right lighting and beautiful make this kitchen looks so modern and minimalist.

To ceiling is designed with unique shapes and patterns that seemed to follow the layout of the kitchen and dining table. With the addition of light decoration on the ceiling as the lighting makes the room look beautiful and more vibrant.

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