Intriguing beach house in Point Lonsdale, Australia

November 12, 2015 | Architecture


Intriguing beach house in Point Lonsdale, Australia
Designed by Baenziger Coles Architects, this particular beach home has a very certain purpose: to declare the owner’s pleasure that are surfing, fishing, and life saving. The designers had to keep those things in concept while building and they also needed to face another important hurdle: to construct two flooring a home in an area dominated by single storey house without making it stick out. It was definitely a hurdle and difficult but, as you can see, the result is pleasing.


The home has a contemporary style that manages to unite beauty with functionality in a specific way. The design of the house is composed of three different zone: the first floor “container”, the ground floor area that contains the internal spatial structuring and the waiting room.  It’s a very functional and simple structure.  Even more simple and actually these areas can be practical closed off or grouped for privacy and when a range of assignment and events are occurring.


From the side of interior design we can’t help to notice that there’s an obvious difference between the contemporary design of the home and the numerous handcrafted kind plus the totem pole that is visible at the entrance. All these items might not have a lot in common but they manage to gather in naturally tough to achieve. There were also materials and process used to create this beach house, these are several passive and active energy saving features like for example the rain water harvesting process, the recycled building materials used, the solar panels that are well hidden on the roof,ventilation, the utilization and the great use of natural light.


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