House of Interior Design Ideas : Fantastic Sculpture, Fusion of Art and Eclectic Genius.

January 31, 2016 | Apartment, Design Ideas, Interior

There are few tasks that are as pleasingly challenging for an designer plus architect duo as designing their alone house . Located in Kiev and also full of energy , passion as well as intelligent special decor, House of design Idea was crafted by Sergey and also Vlada Makhno with a vision to load their best , most unforgettable creations . With a take sides background in white, dark  plus  shades of gray, the apartment offers the ideal background for the dynamic duo to showcase their intelligent draped in exciting, eclectic charm. Sculptures , paintings and also diverse decor pieces reach and also going the this vivacious house, with several staying approach longer than others !

Custom decor designer touches and brilliant shades of blue define the House of Ideas in Kiev House of Ideas: Incredible Fusion of Art, Sculpture and Eclectic Genius

It is the dining space namely the noticeable showstopper of the home with its dark background , stunning use of captivating blue pendants and also a shelving system that houses a collection of vintage colored glasses and also conventional Ukrainian ceramics. The living areas with its white brick partition background making it a totally distinct, textural size to the interior, with custom-crafted furniture making a bold visual speculation . The bedroom with shine stainless steel bed give a less eclectic as well as other lounge look , with lighter hues crafting a calming and also stylish atmosphere .

The truthfully typical bathrooms in red and also blue are all approximately color, moreover as custom sinks crafted from large industrial pipes give them a fun, industrial twist . Chic , delight  and also energetic , Home of Ideas is an apartment which describes the charismatic genius of its owners!

Eclectic living area with brick walls, custom decor and fun pops of color

Dark and colorful dining room ends up becoming the showstopper of the apartment

Black kitchen area demarcates space without using walls

Amazing view of New York City skyline and the UN headquarters from the posh apartment

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Traditional Ukrainian ceramics add to the unique style of the apartment

Vintage colored glasses and bold lighting for the dark dining area

Construct items that migrated from the gallery into their apartment include the Sinusoid seats approach the dining desks ; Invariants vases made from glass; concrete , and also wood; Signature lights ‘Bubenchiki’  inside dining space and also Jar lights  inside bathroom; a knitted rug; and also a coffee bench named Book Desk …

Bedroom with bed designed by Vytynanka

Blue wardrobe in the bedroom with open design

Massive industrial pipe turned into custom sink inside the small bathroom with bright blue walls

Red tile create a unique and stylish bathroom with touches of black

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