Floating Unique Beds.

October 22, 2015 | Bedrooms


A new style design for a bed with a floating bed. This includes interior design modern bedroom.  It became a touch that makes the bedroom feels relaxed atmosphere.
These beds add under lighting the bed so that it looks as though was floating. In a cool modern design that is placed lights under the beds.

This floating bed design is the focal point for open space around the bed so carpeting or flooring patterns can be enjoyed thoroughly.

Most beds consist of a mattress and a bed of some kind, platform beds that are used in manufactured with the crowing. Since ancient times humans / people start looking for ways to make the distance between their bed with the cold hard ground while they sleep, so they feel warm while resting. According to Wikipedia, the construction of the platform bed was first discovered in ancient Egypt. Along the development era platform bed design is developed to find modern bed in the 1860s.

Platform regular bed up to now are still available, which is the platform fame soared in the era of the 70’s.

This floating bed made the room feel softer and for cleaning under the bed will become easier. A floating bed can create beauty nice bedrooms. Frame a broader platform so arranged closer to the floor and highlighted with under lighting. Neutral palette and textured linens create an atmosphere decoration become more calm and peaceful.

Beginning in 2015 the designer has made progress in LED lighting in order to bed really seem to float. In addition to interior designer can use under lighting LED rope lights or lights because it would be easier to create innovative designs. Besides the DIY lovers can make the floating bed.

Designers create the illusion of a floating by various methods.  Including by lifting the bed frame with a single support leg leaning against the wall. Another way is by using small pieces of platform that is not easily visible from around the room. There is also a footwear Lucite set of corners to reinforce the illusion of floating.


The interior design of the bed floats indeed an option for the bedroom minimalist and modern. The materials you choose as the headboard characterize a design. For example wood frame looks rough and headrests provide traditional characteristics. For the rest of the fabric gives a feminine trait. Or with leather headrests to characterize to the masculine side.

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