Energy-Efficiently House in Sydney Maximizing the Room & Ocean Views.

January 24, 2016 | Architecture, Home Design

A house with an ocean view – namely something you would find on the desire list of numerous across the planet . And also once in a while in order to realize this dream , you might exist to work with an awkward lot , a small cliff and also less of extensive room . But all namely well precious the hassle , whether you stop up with a house like Queenscliff Residence in Sydney, Australia! Designed by Utz Sanby Architects , the typical private house located on the edge of a rocky cliff as high as 100 meters above sea level. Adding to the architectural problems encountered is the narrow lot where high neighboring buildings are all too around .

Contemporary beach residence with a balcony that overlooks the ocean Energy Efficient Home in Sydney Maximizes Space and Ocean Views

However, the resultant house overcomes these hurdles with intelligent project ideas as well as precise execution as each  inch of room is utilized to the hilt. Structural walls and also the orientation of the house bring ample privacy moreover while unveiling those up totally approaching the ocean views external . Waves plus surf become a part of the interior as the airy living room with kitchen and also dining space flows into the balcony external. A private yard garden adds to this spacious vibration as one finds a joyful, beach style – inspired interior where white is the dominant hue.

Metallic exterior of the Sydney home gives it an urban appeal

Small private garden adds to the ambiance of the elegant Sydney home

Open design of the living area makes most of the ocean view on offer

Intriguing beach house in Point Lonsdale, Australia

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Modern kitchen and living room of beachside private residence in Sydney

Simple and efficient kitchen design with a long island

But the Queenscliff Residence give a much that mere aesthetics as dark basictiles diminish the glare from the ocean and also high louvres mainta inside interior cool in a natural design. Rainwater tanks able of holding 5000l of water present  the house with nearly all its water needs while passive heating and also cooling techniques slice down on energy intake. That matter not just makes life at this beachside house a lot easier but also adding to its sustained quotient.

Sliding glass doors connect the living room with the outdoors

Luxurious bathroom in white with ocea view

Queenscliff Residence combines ocean views with modern simplicity

Queenscliff oceanside residence in Sydney

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