Dream Residence in the Tropics Area.

October 27, 2015 | Architecture


There are locations and areas you fall in love with even on the first sight. This home is a part of a developed residential space. It constitutes the right combination of trendy tropical contact and concrete idea. The building was designed in 2010.

Primary built as part of the open areas, with residential, dining, pantry and even a kitchen separated by a small partition. The Mezzanine floor is the one making the extra informal area, which is completely different from residential space. There is a clear continuity between occupancy and room research, step by step to be a factor connecting the floor. One more integral part of the main house is represented by a panorama, residence being oriented to the surface and a terrace.

Each of the outside and inside this residence seems to be one of the best examples of a very good place that makes us respect as soon as once again the beauty and splendor, quality and good style, modernity and convenience at the same time.

The include the right setting, each piece fits in well with the house, each with a surface and inside. The furnishings are stylish and comfortable items, the colors are nice and decorative objects is half that complements the complete picture. Each factor a bit trendy, interesting and so inviting, that anyone would really feel comfortable in this typical house.

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