Concrete House II Beautiful Architecture by Spanish studio A-cero.

January 9, 2016 | Architecture, Home Design



Concrete wedges plan out from the facade of this single-storey residence shut Madrid by Spanish architecture studio A-Cero.


Surrounded by grass landscaping, Concrete House II has grass ramps that slope up between the concrete fins and onto the roof.


On the back of the building the relaxed , dining space , library, study plus  bedrooms exist fully-glazed walls overlooking the garden .


Concrete House II

The architecture studio A-cero give one of its last word around a vast  separate family home .


It takes location on the outskirts of Madrid on a 5,000 square metre. It is a separate storey construction and it has a 1,600 square metre built surface.


The first impression that this home development when people going to the plot is that the house visible to be hidden between concrete walls and  slope that extend up to the roof.


The building colored in dark gray and there are areas of vegetation sloping apparently used to climb into the roof.


The house´s façade show a extraordinary organic view of the whole home plus , with such moreover the hard concrete shows its most kind face.


The rear front of the home is completely opened approaching the garden where the relaxed , dining space , library , study plus ,  bedrooms are.


In this façade the wide windows , the volumes set plus , with  projections (made of concrete too enhance).


These elements cover the several homes porches.


The large window of the main relaxed hides ourselves automatically in order to establishing this stay totally opened to the exterior areas .


The plot includes also an nice garden , a small lake plus , with a oar track .


The ecological aspect is highly in this A-cero´s work : the façade plus , with the palate exist the main ecological roles since they are covered with low consume vegetation .


Further on the home palate has already executed a renewable energy system made of wide surfaces with solar tubular collectors who allow that the energy autonomy of the home .


Concrete House II is another gorgeous construct by Spanish studio A-cero.


Concrete has become a popular preference for flooring , plus , with moreover for the fundamentals of the building , but the ‘Concrete Home II’ takes this to the next level with the entire facade showcasing the concrete guts . The residence house a gorgeous garden, a small lake, solar panels as part of a renewable energy system, plus , with a garage .

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