Comfortable Buttes Chaumont Apartment with Combination of White, Yellow, Blue and Brown Wood

February 17, 2016 | Apartment, Design Ideas, Home Design, Interior

The optimization of spaces is a challenging project. Every single untimely there’s a recent set of challenges which exist to be dealt with  inside best means. In accretion , every client has his alone requirements and also this makes each plan typical as well as distinct . This 73 sqm apartment, for example , have to be reorganized according to a very specific series of regulations .

Buttes Chaumont Apartment living areas

apartment renovation dining area

This is the Buttes Chaumont plan progress by the designer at Glenn Medioni, a construction institute formed of expert in all fields. Each enriches the plan with their experience plus skill . Each plan is the result of a collaboration among designers, client and also manufacturers plus in every case the agency focuses on ensuring a harmonious and also  unforgettable experience .

Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation corner work area

Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation yellow cubbies on white unit

The challenge in this case was to optimize the room plus to establishing the child’s room bigger . In order to establishing that happen , the designers had to be creative . The solution they industrious to use involved making the entrance , hallway as well as  bathroom smaller or totally eliminating them .

apartment renovation with wood panel wall

apartment renovation with sculptural wall separator

The entrance currently lead up directly into the living room. There is no separate room for the entrance plus no hallway. The entire apartment was treated other or less as an open basicplan . The living room as well as dining space sharing the equal available volume.

apartment renovation dining space and balcony

Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation kitchen

A great and also versatile unit offers storage , a platform to display the TV on plus also a corner workspace. The unit is a composite of under wraps and open swath which could be distinguished by their color. The yellow accents seen very refreshed and also comfort the ambiance .

Buttes Chaumont Apartment bedroom

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Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation bathroom black and white

A partition made of thin wood panels arranged vertically plus aclinic separates the communal spaces from the private areas . Backside those is the bathroom and also the oldster bedroom, a very elegant and also modest room interpreted by the contrast of dark gray plus white. The wood partition balances the decor and also enables the room to look plus feel relaxing and also  welcoming.

apartment renovation kid room compact module

What residual to be analyzed is the second bedroom which is meant for kids. This old to be a smaller room , enlarge during the renovation of the apartment . The reincarnation made allowed the room to be divided into two zones.

Cozy apartment renovation kid room loft bed

All the furniture in this space was collected into a single longwise module. Those contains a loft bed accessible through a ladder, a desk as well as enough of storage . This compact volume features a combination of white, yellow plus blue and also  occupies one half of the space . The more half serves as a playground.

Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation kid room desk

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