Coffee Shop and Showroom in Midrand, South Africa.


Unique architectural design of shipping containers. The flexibility of shipping containers not only apply to residential projects. In fact, many great examples to prove that shipping containers are very suitable for various other projects, including commercial and public buildings.


The Interactive Foghound Coffee Shop and Showroom is located in Midrand, South Africa. This is a project by Earthwoorld Architects who choose to use a shipping container in the building that offers the desired look and feel.


On the one hand, this building serves as a coffee shop , where visitors can order their favorite coffee. On the other hand, it is also a showroom where the coffee machine will be displayed. This combination is quite remarkable, however at the same time, really quite amazing. This type of design required by such combo should include elements that allow the interior to feel warm and friendly while also providing an industry attractiveness. This is why shipping containers be the perfect choice.


The project consists of two floors with each other wears shipping containers stacked. On the ground floor, container shipping undergone many changes. The most striking change is in the walls of a shipping container that has been replaced with clear glass that looks more spacious atmosphere. Changes are also visible in the ceiling using wood to the ceiling with a chandelier above the table on each visitor. Here are a few sets a round coffee table.


There is a wooden staircase to connect the ground floor and the second floor. While on the second floor of the shipping container is also experiencing a lot of changes. The room is dominated by the white color on the walls and ceiling.


By using shipping containers coffee shop makes it different from other coffee shop. And gives the impression that is not forgotten for coffee lovers.

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