Beautiful Design Architecture and Modern Villas by Michael Bay Located in Los Angeles

February 11, 2016 | Architecture, Design Ideas, Home Design

Feats of architectural temerity to have had their villa inside hills and also gorge of Los Angeles, where gravity-defying middlecentury landmarks so that John Lautner’s Sheats-Goldstein stay and also Pierre Koenig’s Stahl House exceed the constructional and also aesthetic limits in canyon living. Just now to that esteemed generation is the recently finished house of Michael Bay, a film producer famous for action dashing big fund blockbusters like the Transformers series, Armageddon, and Pearl Harbor. From so a maestro of extraordinary effects one might hope somewhere with other than only a hint of drama. Those doesn’t disappoint.

The process of designing as well as then building a home generally starts with a series of requests , a list of requirements coming from the client . After this , the designer or the team in charge starts starts to develop a idea meant to incorporate it elements together with a few suggestions .  Inside case of this beautiful villa , this process went a slight differently .

Michael Bay villa in Los Angeles location and views landscape

The idea for the villa was originally designed by Chad Oppenheim, the elder member of the Oppenheim architecture firm. Rear then he envisioned those as a Caribbean retreat . Those was displayed on the company’s homepage for a few years before someone finally wanted to turn those into facts . That someone was none more than Michael Bay.

Michael Bay villa in Los Angeles cantilevered independent volume

The crew working for this plan and then be greater , also belonging partners Rios Clementi Hale Studios and designers Lorraine Letendre and Lynda Murray. And they created the 30,000 square leg, three floor texture you could see here.

Michael Bay villa in Los Angeles pool reflection and landscape

The villa was founded on a precipitous 8 acre lot located in Los Angeles. Its construct is modest and also contemporary , revolving approach rectilinear forms plus clean lines . Two independent capacity were stacked on top of a massive land basic structure created to interact with the hillside .

Michael Bay villa in Los Angeles infinity pool

Michael Bay villa in Los Angeles ground floor

The two volumes buffer over the stunning scenery , offering landscape views of Los Angeles plus the Santa Monica mountain range . The basic level volume houses a large parking room , a spa, a movie room and a house theater with shape of the art acoustics .

Michael Bay villa in Los Angeles glass door to terrace

A hill staircase accompanied by dramatic landscape aim down to the infinity edge swimming pool. The swimming pool located on the edge of the cliff , even broaden a bit outside those and also propose dramatic views down the valley .

Michael Bay villa in Los Angeles social space fireplace

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Michael Bay villa in Los Angeles staircase connection

The cantilevering volumes that invent the second plus third basicof the villa conta inside owner’s bedroom suite respectively a VIP guest quarters . The interior construct throughout is modest , contemporary and also prestigious ,  large concern being offer to the option of ingredients and also finishes .

Michael Bay villa in Los Angeles bedroom panoramic landscape

The team of architects and also designers paid special concern to the environment . To establishing the most of the location , the landscape construct was carefully created . The front yard pool, the shadow  inside water, the skylights plus everything else was designed to capture the beauty of the environment .

Michael Bay villa in Los Angeles bathroom view and textures

After a four-year long building process, the plan was total . The idea originally envisioned by Chad Oppenheim had become facts with the support of a talented team of collaborators . Their imaginative and also daring near translated into a one of a kind plan .

Michael Bay villa in Los Angeles parking areas

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