Amazing Family Residence with Playground Indoors.

A house that encourages family members to spend quality untimely similaras a replacement of wasting endless hours camped in front of the television – namely an concept which can benefit numerous across the planet! Not following the cookie – cutter design of an open project living space with a kitchen and also dining areas, a master bedroom, some of kids’ rooms and also a different playground, Family Playground in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan showing the uses of an creative basicplan namely create to meet the special needs of it living inside residence. Designed by HAO Design, the interior of this current house espouses a affection  for natural and also loads of activity !

Dining room and kitchen inside an open plan family zone Fascinating Family Residence in Taiwan Brings the Playground Indoors!

Instead of a living room one walks into a study plus playgrounding the this nifty house in Taiwan, where the homeowners put emphasis on creating a room that was relaxing , playful and also expressive . Allowing the kids to appreciate their untimely indoors in an unhindered fashion , one finds here a lovely playhouse , ample shelving to tuck absent toys, books as well as more accessories , a swing and also a movable slide . This combine with cozy corner  nooks and also a living room plus dining room namely aesthetically and also visually connected with the ‘play zone ’ ensure that the entire family spends enough of untimely here .

The kitchen with its intelligent shelves , large island plus an industrial-styled steel storage rack blends in with the living areas while the dining space dazzles with beautiful lighting and also unassuming elegance . A Nethermost master bedroom, kids’ bedrooms and also bathrooms total this typical plus intriguing family residence where the fun times not ever stop .

Chalkboard wall at the entrance of family home in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Cozy kids' nook, dining space and playarea rolled into one Wishbone chairs at the contemporary kitchen sialnd and breakfast bar

Dining room and kids' playroom with swing and ample storage space

Family Residence with Playground

Shelves and architectural features demarcate spaces in the open plan living area

Amazing view of New York City skyline and the UN headquarters from the posh apartment

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Shelves in the family area and kitchen complement each other

Slide, playroom, swing and ample storage space shape a versatile playroom

View of the living room from the stylish modern kitchen

The swinging on the terrace , in combination with the potted plants that are spread get near to the terrace , create for a notably gorgeous spatial arrangement . Welcoming house from work , Mr. Stone could sit on the swing look his wife and also daughter playing the piano identical the the house, plus consider to themselves that his vision of the ideal house and also family life has reach true …

Smart home design combines the dining area with playroom

Movable slide brings fun times indoors

Corner kids' nook and shelving idea

Floor cushions and an elevated wooden platfor create a simple reading zone in the bedroom

Minimal bedroom with colorful accent wall

Kids' bedroom with a pink accent wall

Floor plan of Family Playground in Taiwan

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