A Living Room With Of Bright Red Color.

October 22, 2015 | Living Room


The living room is designed by Ghislaine Viñas in New York. Cheerful shades provide for the family. This is a wonderful project for a home that wants a living room with a cheerful atmosphere.  This house was designed for a family with four children. Design living room is spacious enough for the entire family when entertaining guests. Decoration and color variations every corner. Her interior is filled with shades of red and white make the atmosphere warm.

In addition to the living room there is a dining room that is pretty sweet for family members. A broad view created because the second room is not given bulkhead. The dining room also serves as a family kitchen.
For other corner there is the wooden tables and chairs that look natural and beautiful view. This is a feature repurposed antique. Interior designer wear seat for the living room and dining room in red, which insists on the characteristics of the owner. The dining room provides plenty of seating for entertaining. As entertainment for families and guests has been provided with a television set on a wooden table.
So that the atmosphere is getting warmer, to the living room floor in pairs fur rug with a pattern of fine lines lines.
For those of you who want a living room as it can try for themselves according to taste and your imagination. See the following models living room design.

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