50 Comfortable and Joyful Bedrooms with Brick Walls

January 30, 2016 | Bedrooms, Design Ideas, Interior

The 90s were a untimely when house construct and also decorating moved approaching a other sanitized look , with sparkling  colors of the 70s and also 80s being replaced by other understated hues so as beige plus white, and also modest , direct lines taking over from diverse designs. But as every untimely , used trends find a means of making a comeback, and also the last decade has seen the ‘style of the 90s’ totally fade absent with current homeowners bringing rear color , appearance contrast and also a joyful array of styles that venture beyond the mundane. And also those is this mini-revival of sorts that has once again stationed the highlight on the gorgeous , exposed brick wall !

Sophisticated way to use exposed brick in your bedroom

Having been featured 100 of the highly good living rooms that revel  inside uniqueness of the exposed brick wall, nowadays we trace via bedrooms which offers a together experience. The brick partition  inside bedroom offers much other than only contrast , as well as often those prepares that quirky twist that your current bedroom needs . Trendy , very gorgeous and also at times bold , here are 50 impressive bedrooms with brick walls.

Trendy Industrial Panache

There are enough of reasons for the new-found affection  for brick walls in bedrooms that go beyond only aesthetics . Those is a trend namely driven largely by simplicity and also sheer needs, as the adaptive reuse of used structures has forced the hand of several of the best architects and also interior designers across the world. With homeowners wanting to amend that used factory , barn, warehouse or even a church into a beautiful, elegant as well as typical family house , the brick partition once again found ourselves under the construct highlight. Those has shown the world how an exposed brick partition  inside bedroom is a treasure that could be showcased with boast plus panache .

Lighting and bedside tables reflect an industrial style

A flood of natural light turns this bedroom into a cheerful delight

Frame of the mirror and the windows bring a sense of homogeneity to the bedroom

Delicate sheer curtains contrast the rough, exposed brick walls perfectly

Expose a small section of the brick wall in bedroom for a sense of intrigue

It is hard to danied that the brick partition it seems that most at house  inside smart, industrial bedrooms that also features elements so as exposed duct pipes , large widows with metallic frames and also exposed wooden beams . The brick partition is an essential part of this narrative , and also whatever industrial-style interior without those is certainly incomplete . Sure, you could give these industrial bedrooms a softer and also comfortable atmosphere by blending in current touches as well as going down the path of industrial-chic .

Beyond the Reddish Tinge

If you been exist a brick partition in your bedroom, most of the work is evidently finished and also all you currently require is a bit of cleaning and also the exact sealing agent that will prevent disintegration over untimely . You could select either a standard sealant or one that provide the brick partition a polished discontinue  and also makes those other apt for the current bedroom. Once this is done, another preference you require to establishing is with the discontinue   of the brick wall. This is where you could exceed the standard, natural orangey reddish hue of the brick as well as provide those a stop that matching with the color palette of your existing bedroom.

Casual placement of giant wall art piece adds to the dark demeanor of the posh bedroom

Dark brick wall in the bedroom highlighted using smart lighting


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A perfect bedroom for those who love brick walls and loads of white

Clever use of mirror in the feminine bedroom to create the impression of space

Unassuming backdrop allows you to play with seasonal accent hues with ease

White is a popular preference in contemporary bedrooms for the exposed brick partition and also those is a color that provide the bedroom a cheerful, spacious demeanor moreover while blending in with remainder of the room . Painting the brick partition white will took a few enhancements coats of white paint than standard since of the porous nature of bricks . Another cool, trendy look is the whitewashed brick partition that provide the room a surface that seems authentically aged and also rustic . Gray is the next best variant as well as is the front-runner in modern plus nethermost bedrooms.

Decorating the Brick Wall Bedroom

When decorating a bedroom with brick walls, don’t focus on the walls himself , but took a decorating near like you would execute with whatever more room . By fixating too much on the uniqueness of the walls, one might allow them to took over totally and also explain the style of the room . Whether your bedroom have a mostly modern , contemporary or transitional look around it, then an accent brick partition might be all you need. Let remainder of the room evolve naturally with decor and also accessories that you affection  .

Eclectic and spacious bedroom with burnished plaster and exposed brick walls

Exposed brick walls and classic fireplace inside the Scandinavian bedroom

midcentury decor bedroom

Mirrored closet doors give the bedroom a more spacious look

Sophisticated way to use exposed brick in your bedroom

In case you are surrounded by brick walls  inside bedroom, shatter up the monotony with wardrobes, large mirrors casually put on the ground or moreover captivating artwork that diverts your concern . This provide the space an elegant vibration , breaks the tedious visual of the continual brick walls and also provide the bedroom a softer , other inviting ambiance .

Small and Cozy

The exposed brick partition in a small bedroom is moreover other fun to work with , as those brings an air of warmth and also coziness to the simple space . A intelligent strategy here is to opt for the monotonous look (something we advised  toward in larger rooms) only to avoid visual fragmentation . This could mean painting the accent brick partition white to let those fusion with remainder of the space .

Tiny attic bedroom in white

Decorating with a map is an easy way to add color and character to the bedroom

Simplicity and understated decor fashion a relaxing, industrial bedroom

Unique modern bedroom design features wall decal and brick wall

Modern and farmhouse styles rolled into one inside the modest bedroom

However taking the conversely near of making the brick partition the centre point  inside small bedroom also works at times , especially when you want a typical headboard wall ! Once again , it’s horses for courses and also what works in one diminutive bedroom might not fairly visible equally notable in another with an entirely distinct theme and also style .

Highlight and Style

Get creative with the brick partition in your bedroom and also think beyond the usual decorating fashion and also decor part to accepting the job finished . Your bedroom is a personal protection which allows you experiment with styles plus theme, unlike the case of the living space or kitchen. Use this to your virtue and also express yourself in an unabated fashion . May you are graffiti on the partition kinda a person as well as wanna showcase your talent with a could of paint on that brick wall! Others might go down the path of intelligent displays, artwork and also bright lighting. Irrespective of your preference , don’t be afraid to push the envelope !

Turn the accent brick wall in the bedroom into a sparkling architectural feature

Midcentury modern bedroom employs cozy bedding and rug to contrast exposed brick wall

Brick fireplace brings traditional charm to the contemporary bedroom

Chandelier steals the show in this contemporary bedroom

Gray brings contemporary elegance to the bedroom with exposed brick walls

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