3 One-Bedroom Homes with Sharp Geometric Decor.

January 13, 2016 | Architecture, Design Ideas, Home Design

This is the 3 One-Bedroom Homes with Sharp Geometric Decor,Using bold geometric patterns is nothing recent to the world of interior design, but the trend certainly made a vast resurgence newly plus  underwent fairly a extraordinary evolution as those spread . The field of geometry is inherently diverse , a study of every shape with invent – such it’s no surprise to find that geometric construct offers equally limitless possibly with inside house . From the retro appeal of interlocking patterns to contemporary low-poly character, you’ll not ever run out of styles to explore . All three homes below express their alone interpretation of this powerful trend .


Designed by Archiplastica plus visualized by Wladimir Sapyan, this house is titled “Men’s Apartment” plus emphasizes a definite chic masculine style with subdued impartial colors plus  subtle anyway rough textures . Here, our foray into geometric construct sources with a fabulous modular bench with irregular corner with a cool arrangement of partition riding lights to the left .


Overall , squared shapes plus clean lines rule the room . An overflow of indirect lighting begins set the mood when the recessed plafond lights would prove too sparkling  .


A large divider visually separates the kitchen from the living areas  those seems to took up a lot of worth square length , but both sides feature an overflow of convenient concealed storage . One side home the apartment’s small library.


The dining room is tolerable cozy , capped by a vast oversized pendant lamp with a faceted geometric surface . Note the unbelievable rhythm created by the matte dark  surfaces , making the thin wooden tabletop  materialize light as could be .



Magnificent lighted panels make an quick impression  inside bedroom.


The bed ourselves retains a tolerable low profile to maintain emphasis on the extraordinary scene backside it. Those rests on an moreover lower-profile wood platform with connected side bench , flanked by polished Atollo side bench lamps by Vico Magistretti. A high gloss dark  partition reflects the scene plus  scatters the light .



Clean marble cladding keeps the bathroom looking sparkling  plus refreshed . Wood accents are old sparingly to enhance a touch of diversity .



This next house takes a other organic near to geometrically inspired interior decor  using sparkling  color blocks  inside living spaces plus  subtle geometric prints elsewhere . Architect Andrew Skliarov had to fit a lot of utility into a 60 square meter floorplan – as evidenced by creative solutions so as the hideaway office  inside background here


Clean lines , squared shapes, plus , with easy ingredients explain the living space plus kitchen. It’s nice to see a geometric theme expressed chiefly via furniture plus decor in a public terrains so as this,  reviewing that partition coverings or architectural details would be harder to change as trends reach and  go.


In a house with few windows, so as this small apartment , those makes sense to make additional deeper by using contrasting dark plus light partition colors from space to space .


The curvaceous seat plus , with round-edge couch make a lovely sense of contrast  toward the striped prints plus  organic linear rug . The vast  Oda basiclamp by Sebastian Herkner incorporates  the best of both themes .


Tessellated wallpaper on the accent partition provide this space subtle geometric flavor while the concentric circles of the rug support center the eye. A bedspread printed with handwriting prepares an natural counter ballance for contrast.


Besides the rug, more circular elements include an elegant partition mirror plus a convenient side bench . Here, you could also see Patricia Urquiola’s iconic husk seat a  large furniture guide for whatever geometrically ideas interior.



Do tree motifs count as geometric themes, presumably since of their fractal nature ? This wallpaper is beautiful regardless plus , with adds enough of life to the entryway .


The view from the kitchen reveals a diversity of natural ingredients . The combination of wood colors plus grain alignments offered a uniquely appealing “chaos”differentiated to the careful balance old throughout remainder of the house .



From another angle, the chaos of natural form once again reveals ourselves to be part of a very coordinated with good-measured composition.



This slight niche is only perfect for low-sunlight potted plants .


This ultimate house started as an open loft-style project but the architect chose to give the bedroom its alone separate room . Careful concern is paid to lighting plus layout in order to load this division in a relatively small terrains only above 50 square meters .


Geometry-inspired decor influences are restricted to details. Small plus  subtle patterns are less maybe  to overwhelm the eye, such the architect saved the most eye-catching part for private rooms  .



The centerpiece above the headboard is an original creation by Andrew Skliarov, composed of a painted gypsum skull plus ,  rosette , illuminated by Simone lamps from Delightfull . The construct is purposed to reflect the artistic interests of the clients – specifically Renaissance plus Vanitas era art .


The bedroom is sparkling  plus bright . Since those stands among the entertainment terrains plus , with one of the few windows, those serves as a kinda window itself. A large glass partition lets the light filter via into the house proper but could be covered by roll-down shades when the require for privacy emerges .


While the rest of the house is light on geometric details, the kitchen and dining room use a theme corresponding nearly entirely around symmetric patterns and coordinated point. Corner hanging MATCH lights by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal perfect echo the wire leg bench below.




Hexagonal tile in marble makes up the kitchen backsplash , plus  tessellated dice tiles on the basic create an eye-catching boundary among the polished contemporary cabinetry plus worn parquet .

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